High Speed Liquid Flowers by Jack Long

“This series was a culmination of months of planning and testing. Hundreds of captures are made in testing and then many more during the actual final capture stage. A very few stand out as being the best.”

Fantastic series entitled “Vessels and Blossoms” by Milwaukee-based photographer Jack Long. Jack captures coloured water in high speed, stunningly precise shot that took months of trial and error to perfect, creating the shape of flowers in bloom, leaves, and even pots.

“My goal is to create intriguing visual art using liquids as my subject. Because it is fluid, and happens so quickly, photography is the only method of seeing them. The photography portion is only the final stage in the creation of these images of fluids suspended in mid-air for a very brief period of time. The whole action takes just a fraction of a second.”Jack Long.

Courtesy of Jack Long


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