The Matsys design studio by Andrew Kudless based in Oakland, USA has a unique technique of exploring the instant relationship not only between the fields of architecture and engineering, but more specifically between biology and computational design.

The Diploid Lamp series explore a wide range of geometries influenced by the power of nature. The actual terminology of the word diploid derives from the field of genetics which refer to cells or organisms that consist of two homogenous replicas of each chromosome.

In the case of the Diploid Lamp, the computational design with the assistance of parametric modelling & programming uses diverse digital production methods that allow the optimization of the light’s geometry by triangulating the hollow triangular centres. Each single lamp is designed and assembled from digitally fabricated paper elements. Such a procedure can result in the production of an appealing fluid shape transmitting parallel its own potential “intrinsic and extrinsic forces”

By Depy Charalampidou

Courtesy of Andrew Kudless

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