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Chi House

Chi House is located in a quiet residential district of Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The land has an area of 71m2 with complex shape. The complex land and the west facade becomes “a fascinating doping” for the architect – the owner.

Five-levels house combines many capabilities including office, living and relax place. Although the building has continuous traffic path but still comfortable thanks to the logical layout of the lounge, landing, dimensions and materials for the stairs. The functional areas are clearly demarcated, ensuring the necessary privacy for family activities.

On the facade, the architect used the solution of double skins, with ventilation-brick outer shell, be extended an additional beveled corner. Brick layout in multiple dimensions of improvisation create unique rhythmic facade work and visual effects for the inside with the sunlights. Trees were brought into the building in a natural way in the buffers, corridors, balconies, skylights as a cooling and greening solution.

The designer kept rustic grade of bamboo wattle when pouring concrete ceiling that makes the ceilings were cooler. After used for formwork, natural wood is recycled to make furniture, doors, windows… With three floors, living area is a cozy place with full of welcome, relax and entertainment space.

The building named Chi House, was named the daughter of the architect – the owner. This is a gift for Chi from her parents when she has matured.

Project Info:
Architects: G+ Architects
Location: PHÚ NHUẬN, Vietnam
Area: 71 m²
Project Year: 2015
Photographs: Quang Tran
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