Burnham Pavilion | UNStudio

Burnham Pavilion | UNStudio First, you take an orthogonal grid system introduced 100 years ago, then you add a few diagonal courses, and what you’re left with is the structure of Burnham city and the starting basis for UNStudio’s Burnham Pavilion. Except this pavilion does more than pay respects ...

Mind the Gap | DCPP Arquitectos

Well, you can't win them all. Mind the Gap- the London 2012 Information Pavilion, designed by DCPP Arquitectos is all about entering a different world. And unfortunately for my ego, this world needs no explanation from me- the architects do it too well. Now I just need to find a way to find myself ...

Wendy | HWKN

I was thinking the other day about grids and how often they are used in the design process. It’s a simple strategy that can provide amazing results if used properly. Every decision is simplified because it’s all centered on the same idea, a grid, providing more time and attention to the complex ...

Loop-The-Loop | NL Architects

Loop-The-Loop. Here is another project comprising shipping crates in an interesting, graceful, yet referential way. This proposal by NL Architects was for a 2004 invited competition asking for 'a stand for a building site'. In the words of the architects, 'what the f*ck is a “stand for a building ...

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