Tena Resort | Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

The Tena Resort, designed by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture, is well, interesting. We've all seen the massive undertaking currently being erased in Dubai. You know, that huge palm tree network of islands? These projects are in no quantifiable way similar, but they do share one aspect, and that is a ...

The Red Line | BIG

Line is often a term used when talking about the elements of design, but it goes far beyond architecture itself. The idea of a line has so many implications. It can be a literal line or a metaphorical line, straight or curved, short or long, etc. There’s a flexibility about what a line is that ...

Jurčkova housing : Enota

Enota won the first prize in an invited competition to design a residential building with 47 dwelling units lies next to Jurčkova Street in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The design divides the building into two lamellas parallel to the street, while the entrance to the buildings is from inner yard between ...

Interchangeable Habitation | Jonas Ersson

Interchangeable Habitation by Jonas Ersson It is becoming apparent in today's world that existing and living are two disparate yet related concepts. To exist is to be satisfied in the here and now. To live, it might be said that one must have a contingency plan. Something to ensure that tomorrow ...

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