This design by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp otherwise known as FJMT is the winning project for the Casey Cultural Precinct design competition in Australia. The contemporary design won by taking the surrounding landscape, local culture, and history of the area and adapting it to create an iconic building that was both thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing. It is estimated that this project will be completed in 2017 and will cost roughly $125 million to build.

Arch2o-Casey Cultural Precinct  FJMT (6)

Courtesy of  FJMT

The center is comprised of an 800-seat theater, multi-purpose exhibition space, regional art gallery, a new community library, community meeting rooms, civic center, and a community plaza. All these programs are protected and reside underneath a dynamic roof structure that dips down to engage the public and ground.

Arch2o-Casey Cultural Precinct  FJMT (4)

Courtesy of  FJMT

FJMT explored using several different materials in regards to designing this proposal, integrating and blending the materials to enhance the design. The roof is made of metal and timber, the façade features curved glass panels, and the interior is warm and inviting through the use of timber. Finally to tie everything together, outdoor pathways guide visitors in and around the precinct and also to the central community plaza dedicated, much like the rest of the center, to celebration, collaboration, and connectivity.


Courtesy of  FJMT

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