Beijiao Sports Center | Decode Urbanism Office

The Beijiao Sports Center by Decode Urbanism Office of Beijing, China is the winning design in a competition for a new sports center in the town of Beijiao in Guangdong, China. The objective of this new pluralist approach towards sporting facilities was to move away from the archetypical sporting complex.

Courtesy of Decode Urbanism Office

This convention is often a single hub which is very busy at the time of an event, and utterly empty and void of activity every other time. The new scheme will instead become something usable and contributory to the town even when nothing is scheduled.

Courtesy of Decode Urbanism Office

The complex is composed of a variety of sporting hall sizes and outdoor facilities, providing good conditions for public access and visibility. The multiple fields and halls come to a central valley. It acts as a three-dimensional park and multi-functional space which extends upwards onto the various roofs belonging to the complex.

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