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Adidas Pitch

As part of the expansion of the “World of Sports” (WoS) in Herzogenaurach, Adidas is developing a new pilot project. Designed as a plaything – “Pitch” – a test object for new, innovative and flexible bureaus is created for the future-oriented company.

Courtesy of Wittfoht Architekten

The rectangular, three-storey building is arranged in parallel with a distance of 24 meters to the existing “Gechtergebäude” and rounded off the entire system.

The floor plan has 450 fixed and other temporary jobs for external staff and meeting rooms. The elongated structure is divided by the three exploration and service cores, enabling a wide variety of floor plans and room configurations.

Courtesy of Wittfoht Architekten

The architectural concept is economical and at the same time concise. A modular façade envelops the “reserved” interior spaces and underlines the industrial character. In confrontation with the local events and the course of the sun a fixed sun protection was established on three sides of the building.

The necessary shading of the interiors can thus be ensured for the building exposed in exposed position.

Courtesy of Wittfoht Architekten

Project Info
Architects : Wittfoht Architects
Location : Herzogenaurach, Germany
Year : 2015
Type : office/ Headquarters
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