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18 TED Talks on Sustainable Architecture and Design to Inspire You

18 TED Talks on Sustainable Architecture and Design to Inspire You

Sustainability is trending now in all aspects of life and fields of design. As an architect and a designer, you should consider sooner than later adopting the trend, which does not simply aim to satisfy taste or aesthetic pleasure but aims to salvage wasted resources and save the planet. Designing for humanity is the noble duty of an architect, and these TED Talks by worldwide designers and architects will introduce you to this concept. They will further your understanding and conviction for Sustainability as a lifestyle and design trend.
TED Talks

1.Sustainability by Design

This is a playlist of talks which explore the past and present sustainable design approaches and how to build without waste.

2.Hedonistic Sustainability by Bjarke Ingels

3.Why we should build wooden skyscrapers by Michael Green

4.Magical houses made of bamboo by Elora Hardy

5.How to build with clay … and community by Diébédo Francis Kéré

6.Buildings that blend nature and city by Jeanne Gang

7.Emergency shelters made from paper by Shigeru Ban

8.Architecture that repairs itself? by Rachel Armstrong

9.The tradeoffs of building green by Catherine Mohr

10.Using nature’s genius in architecture by Michael Pawlyn

11.Don’t build your home, grow it! by Mitchell Joachim

12.Creative houses from reclaimed stuff by Dan Phillips

13.We’re covered in germs. Let’s design for that by Jessica Green

14.Design at the intersection of technology and biology by Neri Oxman

15.How to grow fresh air by Kamal Meattle

16.The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting by Anupam Mishra

17.How to air-condition outdoor spaces by Wolfgang Kessling

18.Are mushrooms the new plastic? by Eben Bayer

Bonus Podcast

How 2 Build Green: The Sustainability Podcast

“The How 2 Build Green Podcast is a sustainable lifestyle podcast. Focusing on how we live in not only our homes and buildings but how we interact with the planet.”
For more on sustainability and sustainable projects, check the Sustainability projects and news on Arch2O.
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