+10 Top Visited Articles on Arch2O in 2016

+10 Top Visited Articles on Arch2O in 2016

With 2016 coming to an end, we wrap up Arch2O’s year by listing our top visited articles in 2016. You can still catch up on what you have missed here; lists of architectural e-books, smartphone applications, Photoshop tutorials and some fun facts about architects.

1.Download +500 Architecture Books Legally free !


“Reading is to the mind what exercising is to the body.” Arch2O brings its readers a list of online sources for architectural e-books. More than 500 e-books are available for download on these sources for free.  We also bring you a list of public domain books which are available for direct download.

2.How Zaha Hadid Became Zaha Hadid – Five Important Days in her Life !

Photo © Architectural Association Photo Library - Courtesy of H.R.Hiegel

Photo © Architectural Association Photo Library – Courtesy of H.R.Hiegel

The highly accomplished Mosul-born architect Zaha Hadid was the first female to win the RIBA’s Royal Gold Medal, proving that women too can “think in 3-dimensions.” Zaha’s rocky road to success was marked by five important days in her life. Those five days brought Zaha Hadid’s name to where it stands now in the world of architecture.

3.10 Mobile Apps you Should never miss, If you are an Architect

Apps you Should never miss, If you are an Architect

Apps you Should never miss, If you are an Architect

The mobile phone industry is growing fast, and almost everyone now owns a smartphone. The application design industry is keeping up by introducing all sorts of apps. One of the fields that are served by that developing industry is architecture. The recently developed Architectural applications have proven to be handy. Their capabilities range from viewing to drafting, modeling, and visualizing of architectural projects.

4.Photoshop Architectural Rendering : 10 Websites you should visit weekly

Cliff Retreat - Courtesy of Alex Hogrefe -visualizingarchitecture.com

Cliff Retreat – Courtesy of Alex Hogrefe -visualizingarchitecture.com

Good design is more than meets the eye. However, you need to meet the eye first to get further. So, the way you present your project is a matter of make-or-break.  That is why mastering Adobe Photoshop is highly advisable. To help you with that, Arch2O brings you a list of 10 helpful photoshop tutorials, all of which are oriented to architectural visualization.

5.10 Reasons NOT To Date An Architect

Ever considered dating an architect? Here is why you shouldn’t. We reveal to you some secrets and shatter some myths about the life of an architect. You might find it is not quite the bargain after all.

6.11 Things You Should Never Say To An Architect

Architects are designers, planners, and engineers. They combine the scientific mind with an artistic sense, serving the community in all sorts of ways. They are unique, and they know it, so don’t try to underestimate their job; they won’t like it.  Here’s a hint on what you should never say to an architect.

7.Quick tour inside Donald Trump’s House !

Quick tour inside Donald Trump’s House !

Quick tour inside Donald Trump’s House !

Some have wondered if the new US President-elect Donald Trump will be moving to the white house full-time. Most probably, they have seen the kind of properties that Trump owns all over the US and calls “Home.” Calling them extravagant might be an understatement. Take a look on the inside of Trump’s Penthouse in Manhatten, New York.

8.Top 10 American Architecture Schools : US University Ranking 2015

Ever thought of studying architecture in the United States? We bring you the rankings for graduate and undergraduate programs according to Greenway Group’s 16th edition of DesignIntelligence.  Aiming for a fair comparison, Greenway group base their ranking on polls, interviews, and campus visits. This edition’s ranking placed Cornell University first in the undergraduate programs, while Harvard University kept its place on top of the graduate programs.

9.10 Parametric Plugins Every Architect Should Know !

Courtesy of Tim Meador

Courtesy of Tim Meador

Parametric design has brought on a new era to the world of architecture, with its functional, customizable,  and aesthetically pleasing forms. It is paving the way for new possibilities that will shape the future of architecture. To keep pace with the fast growing innovations in the field, mastering CAD alone is not enough anymore. These parametric CAD plugins will give you a push into the new era.

10.Top 10 Architecture Schools in Europe

You would rather study architecture in Europe? Well, there is our list of Europe’s top 10 architecture schools. In this list, we narrow down the options by comparing the similar programs of European schools. The assessment is based on available programs, admission requirements, exchange programs, and internships/jobs.

11.BIM Architectural design softwares : 30 Websites you should visit weekly

BIM Architectural design softwares

BIM Architectural design softwares

The use of BIM has become a necessity in the AEC industry. With a wide range of advantages that have to do with organizing, detailing, collaborating, visualizing, and resolving conflicts, BIM has proved to be a real time-saver. That is beside the remarkable reduce in the budget. Fully aware of that, Arch2O gathered a list of valuable BIM websites, for your benefit.

12.How to Win an Architectural Competition

If you are an architect, then you have most probably considered entering an architectural competition once or more. Joining is the easy part, or so you think. The first item on our checklist to winning an architectural competition starts from there, choosing the right competition. Then, what is next? Check our set of guidelines here. They shall guarantee you maximum effectiveness, and possibly a winning prize.

13.30 Best Resume Templates Free For Architects

Resume Templates Free For Architects

Resume Templates Free For Architects

First impressions last, or so they say, and the first impression you make on your hopefully future employer is through your resume.  That is why you should be paying attention to your CV’s content and form alike. A well designed and structured CV is essential for a first good impression. However, the design process can be time-consuming. So, we took pleasure in putting together 30 free resume templates that you can use to give your CV a push forward.

14.10 Gifts To Surprise Your Architect Boyfriend !

Confused on what to get your architect boyfriend as a gift for the next occasion? Deciding on a gift for someone normally depends on an awareness of their taste and desires. When it comes to an architect, though, it can be a bit more complicated. So, here is a list of some unusual gifts that will definitely surprise your boyfriend.

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