You are not a fan of organic architecture but you love your box. Sometimes, you think you should have entered an engineering school instead, but guess what? You thought wrong! Many famous architects reached great heights with their square architecture. You can, too!

Let us demonstrate how you can still steal the show through our 9 Magic Tricks to Transform a Boring Box into An Architectural Masterpiece!

1. Tilt!

Although you have a perfectly functional and minimalist building, it’s a dull cube! So, what should we do?

Here’s a simple answer: make it deny a bit of gravity by tilting it. Now leave the building to enjoy the attention it’s going to get.

Courtesy of Atelier 8000

2. Add & Subtract! (It’s Baby Math)

Divide the faces of your box according to a modular. Now that your structure is defined, play the Legos by subtracting blocks from one area and adding them to another. The result will be more interesting than you think.

Courtesy of Saucier + Perrotte Architects

3. Add Emphasis!

This trick can change the black and white fate of your box to a happy rainbow.

What do I mean by adding emphasis? Simply throw in a relatively horizontal box to hover above your vertical box/boxes. It will add humongous value to your initially dead building.

Courtesy of Paul De Ruiter Architects – Courtesy of CAAU

4. Make Extrusions!

Your glass box can surely qualify as the next great greenhouse, but is it the next iconic building? Dream on! UNLESS you make extrusions from it.

Move that magic wand and there! Just a few colorful extrusions will make your cube look fab!

Courtesy of LOOK Architects

5. Eat Away from It!

Eat a portion or two out of your square building to end up with a real architectural gem!

Courtesy of Atkins

6. Cluster a Bunch!

If nothing works, multiply your cube by your favorite number. Then, cluster the resulting boxes in a random yet ordered manner. That is to say, keep your conventional structure to hold the cluster and yet make it appear random. The images below may inspire you.

Courtesy of Moshe Safdie – Courtesy of OMA

7. Stack Up!

If clustering does not change your life, stack the boxes like a pile of books and Ta-Da!

Courtesy of Orange Architects

8. Extend the Edges!

Reverse the multiplication. Keep your container as it is. You do not even have to spin that wand this time.

Just extend the outer edges of the front face of your box and you have your masterpiece ready!

Courtesy of BAK Architects

9. Break the Box!

For how long will you remain in a box? It’s about time you break it. I mean, LITERALLY break it.

Create a smooth or rigid crack in your cube, whatever suits your taste, and congratulations! You have a fancy sliced building design.

Courtesy of OMA

About The Author

Urwa Shahid
Summer Interns 2017

Summer Interns 2017: Urwa is a senior architecture student known for proficiently communicating her ideas through sketching. She has a knack for Arts & Physics and wishes to utilise her potentials for a higher purpose – to serve humanity for the sake of God. She aspires to promote the social role of an architect in a community through her writings.

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  • Ayat Azan

    very smart and to the point. it is stuck in my head

  • Minahil Saeed

    Absolutely loved it.

  • Exa

    Loved it ❤️
    I like the idea of playing with maths and architecture together. The results are so mesmerizing.
    I hope we can see more of it in the coming future.

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