10 Popular Non-Architectural Online Courses That Architects Need to Check

If you are an architect, then you have probably realized by now that architecture, probably more than any other field, requires knowledge in all aspects of life. It is strongly related to humans, and so it requires a background in humanities. It is a form of art and so it requires an artistic sense, supported by knowledge of history and trends. It massively involves technology practices, tools, and techniques, and so IT knowledge can also be quite beneficial. Bottom line, architecture is one of those creative fields where every piece of information you gain reflects in a way or another on your work and shape your style and character. So, here we will give you a list of popular online courses that, for a change, do not revolve around architecture but could be of interest to you as an architect.

1-Introduction to Psychology – University of Toronto

Like we said before, architecture is for humans, and so understanding the basics of human psychology can prove quite useful. This course starts with introducing the science of psychology and it moves to relating psychology and brain, and it touches matters like perception, awareness, learning, and memory.

2-Introduction to Computer Science – Harvard University

You probably have programmer friends whom you have heard using words like C++, Python, HTML, or Java. You might have, also, heard of some of this words or others in lectures or read about them in articles that discuss design computing and software. Are you curious? Then, maybe you should check out this self-paced course by Harvard.

3-The Science of Everyday Thinking – The University of Queensland

As an architect, you have to make many decisions every day. You communicate with fellow architects and engineers and you deal with clients. Your work requires a good deal of argument, and to do it right, you might need to check this course. It can help you improve your everyday thinking skills and become more persuasive.

4-English Grammar and Style – The University of Queensland

It’s true that architects mostly deal with lines and drawings, but then they may need to compose e-mails, write briefs, or prepare proposals. Also, if they intend to pursue postgraduate degrees, then there will be scientific papers, articles, thesis, and more. In conclusion, they will always be in need of the written word, and this course can be helpful with that.

5-Understanding IELTS – British Council

There is another English language course but of different nature. This course will help you study for the International English Language Testing System IELTS. Passing the IELTS with a minimum score that ranges between 6.5 and 8.5 is required for the admission in many academic institutes.

6-Introduction to Public Speaking – University of Washington

Architects and public speaking are deeply connected. Starting with one’s first steps at architecture school and until the day they retire, presentations, simply, never ends, whether to the jury, colleagues, boss, or clients. So, if you have public speaking issues, it is time you figure out how to face them and this course will help you do so.

7-Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship – University of Maryland, College Park

Thinking of starting your own business or startup firm? Then, you may need to learn more about strategic planning and innovative business modeling. This course could help get a clear idea of how things work with startups and how to deal with various opportunities.

8-Introduction to Game Design – California Institute of Arts

Are you a fan of video games? Well then, did you know that architects can actually work in the field of video game design? They can design settings, levels, and if they are creative and skilled enough, they can go beyond that. You can start by learning the basics of the game design in this course.

9-The 3D Printing Revolution – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

3D printing is a technology with the potential to transform the world as we know it. It has proved to be particularly useful in the fields of design and medicine. In architecture, the applications of 3D printing are broadening by the day from small scale models to human-scale pavilions and pedestrian bridges. You can learn more about the technology in this 2-week introductory course.

10-Greek and Roman Mythology – University of Pennsylvania

As an architecture student, you have studied Greek and Roman architecture, both referred to as classical architecture. Classical architecture has been a source of inspiration for many architecture movements ever since. If you care to view the creators of this architecture from a different perspective and know more about the myths which influenced their lives and style, then this course is worth checking

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