World’s Smallest Smartlock by BIG and Friday Labs Can Be Controlled via Smartphone App

Losing or forgetting your keys is not something unusual. It is a problem many of us have probably faced once before, being locked out of home because we left the keys inside. Then, one would have to hack the lock, renew it, and get new keys; a tiring and unpleasant process, indeed. So, what if you can unlock the door to your home or office using a smartphone app instead? Well, that is possible now with the release of the new “Friday Lock”

Friday Lock is the product of collaboration between Bjarke Ingles Group (BIG) ad Friday Labs for home automation. It allows users to wirelessly unlock their doors as they arrive or depart. It, also, lets them give temporary access to friends and guests so that they would not have to rush for the door or leave spare keys under mats and pots. The application, of course, can, also, be deactivated if the phone was stolen, so safety is not an issue.

Courtesy of Friday Labs

The slick design of the lock, “inspired by the architectural principle of the Saddle Roof”, was the handy work of BIG Ideas, a think tank within the Danish architectural firm. The lock is designed to be simple, attractive, and ergonomic. It, also, happens to be the smallest retrofit lock available on market with a 2.7 inch-diameter, smaller than an average cup of coffee. The exterior finishing of the lock comes in many colors and materials to suit different doors, and the outer shell can be easily changed, so users shall not be stuck with one look forever.

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