Vidhi Patel is a master thesis student at the Academy of Art University – San Francisco, USA, her graduation project was Waterfront Development at Pier 27. The project combines between simplicity and deep analysis associated with the area , in addition to her vibrant imagery & graphics. More from Vidhi after the jump.

Courtesy of Vidhi Patel

“A state of constant change that is the site, has variousdistinct conditions of state transition that can be observed through programshifts and their spatial equations. The idea of this project is to understandthis transitional nature of the site and its users and allow it to inform thesite development.

Shifting grids and linear volumes of space allow for changein spatial quality of the voids. The voids get charged with function withpossibility of change to allow for more deflection. The process is ongoing andconditions of change occur everywhere. Level modulation, landscapemanipulation, edge breakdown, user variability, access control and severalother factors form the basis for this project that are tied together or interconnected.

The naked site adjacent to pier 29 is filled with a variationof spatial needs and functional requirements waiting to be visually tiedtogether. The second skin – in this case the carbon reinforced sail cloth – notonly visually binds the project but is also functionally relevant as it is avisual, light and wind filter. The site is set to host the AC 34 and thelaminate skin pays homage to the event. This building skin envelope the designas it emerges for the landscape, deflecting in its path as it covers partiallythe walkable roof to meet another intricate junction.

The design process and the resultant project is an instigatornot just to harness the state of constant change but understand it as variousmoments of pause. The strength of architecture may lie in its ability to offermomentary pause. “In a world predicted on movement and flows, the power ofarchitecture may be in its ability to give pause” – Bernard Tshumi. Digitallygenerated renderings offer some of the conditions of constant movement andmoments of pause.

The architecture of the project is a result of my constant inquiryand this project one captured moment of pause.”

Courtesy of Vidhi Patel

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