Venezuelan Architect Hand Draws Brilliant Illustrations Based on Golden Ratio

We have all learned about the Golden Ratio at architecture school, but how many of us have taken it to then next level? The 60-year-old architect and illustrator Rafael Araujo, from Venezuela, has done a great job indulging his interest in this mathematical ratio, abundant in the geometry of nature.

Courtesy of Rafael Araujo

The architect’s interest ignited when he was just 15, and 40 years later he put this interest in action, by releasing a collection of beautifully hand-drawn illustrations based on the golden ratio. The tools he used to perfect his drawings were, simply, a pencil, a ruler, a protractor, and a compass.

Araujo translates natural forms like those of sea shells and fluttering butterflies into geometries and sets of complicated lines and angles. He gives the final touch to his art by coloring them using acrylic paint. He could take up to 100 hours to finish just one of his drawings. Check out this video which reveals the artist’s work process.

Here, take a look at some of his meticulous works.


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