Situated at the entrance of the Meridian settlement in Istanbul, Turkey is the Varyap H Block Building designed by MTF Proje. The office building’s rough construction was completed in 2010 and is formed with five high storey private houses block, three businesses block and fourteen villas. The ten stories, including the basement floors, are united by a glass tunnel with a restaurant that has got a steel structure.

Arch2o-Varyap Meridian H Block-MTF Proje (17)

Courtesy of MTF Proje

 The Meridian H Block building was approached as a management building, where the building had to differentiate itself in a very assertive and planned area. Using Varyap’s corporate identity and their philosophy about the act of doing and the facts of dealing and production, a structural setup was established. The letter “V” of Varyap formed the starting point for the exterior structural cage around the building.

 Arch2o-Varyap Meridian H Block-MTF Proje (18)

Courtesy of MTF Proje

The interior architecture planning utilizes an open floor plan that provides freeness to the frontal design. By repeating, concentrating and diluting the “V” forms around the building, this structural component is also used as a sunscreen to control the amount of sunlight entering the buildings to provide the best quality working environment.

Arch2o-Varyap Meridian H Block-MTF Proje (16)

Courtesy of MTF Proje

The aluminum profile transverses were manufactured in six different sections as specific to this building. As a final thought to the upkeep of the building, a “cat walk” was prepared in the space between the façade covering and the cladding in the hopes that the vision for the building remains pristine for generations.


Courtesy of MTF Proje

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