Variations | Stephen Burks

During the month of May, the Calligaris Milan showroom featured a jungle of multicolored cord that devoured the room from floor to ceiling. Tangled deep within the ropes were lawn chairs, each tightly wound with colorful cord in all kinds of intricate patterns and hung between the ropes as if levitating or stuck in mid air.

This festive mesh of rope and chair is the creation of Stephen Burks, a New York designer. Burks’ chair installation, named Variations, was curated by PS Design Consultants. The company invited Burks to Calligaris’ production center in Manzano and gave him free range of their stock of chairs to alter and experiment with.

Courtesy of Stephen Burks

Burks took these chairs and began his cord creations by encasing the chairs in vibrant ropes and weaving them together into towers and bulky structures. Burks hopes that Variations will help expand the future of plastic chairs.

Burk’s studio “Readymade Projects” may create a new seating collection based off Variations and the installation might become a part of the Paris Designer Days in June. Check out Variations on Burks’ website or look for it on Dezeen, Youtube,, Pintrest, and Twitter.

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