Obama Reveals Modifications to Presidential Center After Criticism

Former US president Barrack Obama has announced that there are amendments being made to the Chicago Presidential Center upon the request of the public. In May 2017, Barack and Michelle Obama had revealed the initial design of the Obama Presidential Center. The center is to be located in Jackson Park, by Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois. This strategic location had ignited a controversy as some people believe that the center might damage the tranquil landscape of historic Jackson Park. This month, Obama has taken the comments from the public into consideration and changes are being made accordingly.

In the latest video, Obama, who had childhood dreams of becoming an architect, gives away all the latest plans on the Chicago Presidential Center. Obama revealed that he and his wife Michelle envision the place as a cultural hub and a place where people come to know what the south side is all about. New rendered shots are revealed as the architects are making amendments to improve the design.

Courtesy of Obama Foundation.

Firstly, the tower was the main building that had attracted negative criticism as people believed it was too bulky to be located on this site. So, the architects designed a new tower that has a higher transparency. It is taller and thinner than the previous conceptual version unveiled last May. Consequently, the footprint of the tower decreased while the height increased from 160-180 feet to about 225.

Courtesy of Obama Foundation.

Additionally, the southern and western elevations are to be covered with screens with stone letters. They act as both sun shading devices and as semi-outdoor spaces. “We want to make sure this is a lively, engaging, sun-sensitive building,” says Tom Williams, partner, and husband of the New York City architect Billie Tsien. The Obama Foundation is partnering up with Chicago Public Library in order to locate a branch library in this building.

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