Designed by Piotr Zuraw Architekt for urban and public open spaces, “uiliuili” is a stylish, dynamic and conceptual urban furniture that is digitally prefabricated from wooden elements (boards with a 80x30mm and curved ends, cross-section bars) that are  connected to a steel frame. The thing I like about “uiliuili” that it behaves dynamically, informally and smoothly with people, who can choose the most convenient shape for their setting.


Courtesy of Piotr Zuraw Architekt

Courtesy of Piotr Zuraw Architekt


A piece of furniture is the result of a combination of sun lounger chairs. Users can choose for themselves the most convenient place to rest. Furniture aims to encourage informal modes of behavior in public space. On the uiliuili bench users can sit, lie down, stretch, curl up, sit a bit higher, climb, jump… Possibilities are endless, and new ones will surely be discovered by the users according to their own preferences and creativity.

Openwork construction of uiliuili made of steel and beech wood, 10 meters long and 3 meters wide, has been designed according to ergonomic principles, and the wooden seat is pleasant and warm to the touch. The bench is situated on Grunwaldzki Campus, at the main entrance to the University Library on Fryderyk Joliot-Curie street.


project info :

Project: 2013
Realization: 2014
Investor: University of Wroclaw
Construction: P3 Group

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