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10 Tree Houses with Breathtaking Views of Nature

Who said tree houses are just for kids? We may be more familiar with those typical playhouse-like tree houses in the movies, always there in the backyard of a house, the perfect place for some alone time. You have probably tried to picture what it would be like to have one of your own as a getaway; a treehouse where you can relax, meditate, read a book, and sip hot tea. Well, those tiny tree houses may not do, but the ones we are about to show you will definitely do. They might be just the dream; perfect getaways in the hearts of nature, with astounding views. Check them out and get your inspiration.

1.Around the Oak

This modern treehouse, by architect Andrea Wenning from the German firm Baumraum, is in Halle, Germany. It is built around an oak tree in the backyard of a private residence, 11 meters high above the ground. It has a double bed, fitted inside, and a window seat opposite to it, in addition to an outside deck.

2. E’terra Samara

This eco-friendly treehouse in the Canadian forests is actually a 5-star resort, designed to be a nature-enclosed getaway from the busy city-life. The house is suspended in a way such that it hugs the tree instead of being nailed to it. That is in an effort to preserve the old forest trees by the Toronto-based designers, Farrow Partnership Studio.

3. The 7th Room

This treehouse, by Snøhetta, was designed for Sweden’s Treehotel. It might be the perfect stay for some stunning views of the Northern lights and stargazing. Snøhetta’s design blurs the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors, through all the transparent glass surfaces and the outdoor activity space. Also, the house is clad in ashwood, blending with its natural setting, the pine tree forest.

photography by © Johan Jansson

4. Urban Treehouse

This is another house designed by the German firm Baumraum, which, as a matter of fact, excels in that department. It is comprised of two cubic forms, 4 meters off the ground, and it is prepared for long-term living. It has a bathroom and a kitchen in addition to the living space and the bedroom. It has a warm wooden interior, while its exterior is clad in aluminum, reflecting a neat modern design that integrates well with the natural setting.

photography by © Laura Fiorio

5. Tree in the house

Rather than being built on top of a tree, this cylindrical house is slightly raised above the ground, revolving around a tree at its center. Built in a forest on the Mountains of Almaty, the 4-storey house is entirely enveloped by transparent glass, maximizing the view of the surrounding forest and the starry sky. This modern getaway was designed by A.Masow Architects.

6. Yellow Treehouse

The Yellow Treehouse is a restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand, designed by Pacific Environments Architects. It is wrapped around a 40-meter-high redwood tree, and the treehouse itself is 12 meters off the ground. The 10-meter-wide house is enveloped by curved wooden ribs forming an organic shape that resembles a butterfly cocoon or maybe an onion. The gaps between the ribs let in the natural light.

photography by © Lucy Gauntlett

7. The Woodman’s Treehouse

The treehouse in Dorset Woodlands, England, provides its residents with a luxurious experience, through the available facilities and pleasant interior. The house was designed by green woodworker, Guy Mallinson, and it is built completely using local materials, leaving no harmful impact on the natural setting. The house’s exterior is clad in various types and textures of wood, like chestnut logs and oak shingles.

8. The Almke Treehouse

The neatly designed tree house of wood and glass is another product of German Baumraum. Located in Wolfsburg, Germany, the house was meant to be a meeting point for a young scout troop. It is composed of two opposite identical volumes, with one above the other by 1m, and pine tree right in the middle in between, and it includes space to meet, eat, and rest.

photography by alasdair jardine

9. Free Spirit Spheres

Those fiberglass spheres are suspended 3 to 4 meters high above the ground, in the forest of Vancouver Island, Canada. They were designed and built by Tom Chudleigh, who explained that the spherical form is meant to express unity and harmony with nature. The spheres are clad from the outside with Yellow Cedar, and they can host up to two residents.

10. Danilchik Family Treehouse

This treehouse, hanging between the Red Cedar trees of the forest in Port Orchard, Washington, feels like a house from a fairy tale. It was designed by Peter Nelson of the TreeHouse Workshop for the Danilchik Family. The house is accessible via a 50-foot ramp. The interior of the house is entirely clad in wood, and it is comprised of an open living space with dining and a kitchen. It, also, has a cozy bedroom and a sleeping space on a raised platform.

photography by WILL AUSTIN
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