The Korean artist Do hu So designs and builds polyester models scale 1:1 of home appliances. He is presenting his work in Lehmann Maupin gallery in Hong Kong. His work involves models of his own appliances in his home back in New York. The models are transparent.


Courtesy of Do ho suh

They show the internal system and the technical details of the machines such as microwaves, televisions, toilets. This is interesting as it gives us a view about how these system work in a creative fun and easy way to understand.

Arch2o-do-ho-suh-specimen-series-24 (5)

Courtesy of Do ho suh

So, instead of having a hard time reading two dimensional  complicated working drawings or zooming into a three dimensional  digital model on the computer screen to understand the technical system , just look at the live model with the real size and you will understand how it was built immediately .

By Rehab Ayman

Courtesy of Do ho suh

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