Some things are simply timeless. Analogue watches for instance, though widely replaced by digital ones, have an inherit charm that is often missed. Designer Niels Astrup realized this and decided to bring analogue watches into the 21st century. Preserving its character, the designer added features to it that speak a current language, for instance he added a contemporary touch screen functionality that modern users require. The watch’s gift box also acts like a wireless charger and begins charging the watch via and the magnetic lock in the wristband as soon as the user places the watch in the box. Although the watch came in third in the 2012 Samsung Design That Performs competition, there are no known plans of putting it in production.

Courtesy of Niels Astrup


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  • Kenny Poon

    Hi, I would like to ask for the touch skin watch, will it be put in the production soon? If yes, can you please provide more information about it? Thanks.

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