Tianjin Binhai Library has finally opened its doors to the public who have posted some great pictures of its interiors on the social media. The magnificent library was the result of collaboration between MVRDV and Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute.

The Library resides at the new Binhai Cultural District in Tianjin, China. The maximum capacity of the books it can hold is about 1.2 million. The books are placed on massive undulating bookshelves that are located in the library’s central atrium.

At the center of the library, there is a huge silvery ball which comprises the auditorium and mirrors the super-long bookshelves surrounding it, contributing to the wonderful ambiance of the building.

The library building has an area of 34,000 square meters, and it is one of the several buildings which belong the New Binhai Cultural Center. In addition to being an educational venue, the library functions as a key link between the cultural center and the park. The masterplan of the center was created by the German GMP Architekten, where a group of ‘cultural corridors’ join the four buildings which the site encompasses.

For more details about the design of Tianjin Binhai Library, click here.

The social media posts reveal the library’s interior, whereas professional photographs are expected to be published very soon.


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This was the last image I saw before bed and dreamed about it. This library is located in China and designed by a European firm. Tianjin Binhai Library is architecturally stunning and a work of art. We in the United States don’t dream BIG anymore. Where has our creative and artistic ambition gone? Building walls at the Mexican border is not only unnecessary but lacks imagination. We need to focus on innovative design as well as forward thinking infrastructure across the board. Don’t just dream big, DREAM BIGGER! . “Dutch firm @mvrdv designed a library with an eye-shaped atrium, in Tianjin, China. . The Tianjin Binhai Library is 34,200 square metres of total floor space. It has a rectilinear body, but at its center an oval-shaped atrium with a spherical, mirrored auditorium. . Library books are located in terraced shelves that look like the contours of a topographical landscape. They wind up and around the oval-shaped atrium and continue around the building, doubling up as louvres to restrict daylight coming in through the glass facades. At the center of the space, the spherical auditorium reflects the interiors, as well as the park outside.” . #architecture #architecturelovers #architectureporn #library #librariesofinstagram #TianjinBinhai #tianjinbinhailibrary #DREAMBIG

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Library Tianjin Binhai Culture center

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