Three Spirits  F.F.K. Art Design

I will admit, at first glance I wan’t convinced of the merit of the idea. The ‘Three Spirits’ proposal for three ‘nonidentical twin’ tourist vessels designed by Filip Fortunat Kurzewski of F.F.K. Art Design is intriguing on several depths upon further examination. Three ships share similarities in form (It’s a little Cardasian to my trekkie eyes) and basic function, yet differ in their main venues. One hosts a Ballroom, another a casino and the third, a general concert/event space. This is where I got a little worried. Why not have all three on one ship? The answer lies in what occurs when the three ships meet. A floating locus is formed, creating calm waters for swimming and diving. Travels of one ship may commute to another for a dance or a gamble or a laugh. Or perhaps they will take one of the offered expedition boats to find a quite bay nearby for solitary relaxation?


Courtesy of Filip Fortunat Kurzewski

What is the interesting quality for me is the form. This is a ship. It is by this simple fact that the form is both freed and restrained. Ships have lines. They often exhibit the spirit of speed and streamline. We are not all to surprise to see a fluid, liquid looking boat or ship. On the other hand, a ship must float and as such, not everything goes. I believe the ‘Three Spirits’, I think they would float. And this is achieved in a totally alien (like I said, Cardasian) form. The ship is a sort of catamaran hybrid. It moves through the water on a central keel or vaka alongside two huge forward amas for stability. It would definitely bring a sense of wonder to see one or all of these vessels appear on the horizon.

Architects: Filip Fortunat Kurzewski

By Matt Davis

Courtesy of Filip Fortunat Kurzewski

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