Therapeutic  Architecture

The collaboration between medical professionals and architects has slowly started developing with the increase in demand for effective healthcare architecture. There has been a gradual change in the perspective towards it as architecture firms all around the world have started taking up projects related to healthcare. This can be contributed towards the industry’s understanding of evidence-based design, its acknowledgment of a need to hire medical professionals and the increase in the number of dual-degree holders (medical and architectural) in the field.

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Specialized facilities like ambulatory clinics, minute clinics, free-standing emergency departments and wellness centers are being designed as well as hospitals. The number of employees having public health certificates or having a medical degree (other than their architecture one), in an architectural firm, has increased. The necessity of professionals who can easily balance between the medical and the architectural field was recognized when physicians, nurses and other healthcare experts joined with architects to design a medical center. Both the professions need to understand each other to achieve this goal.

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But bringing in medical professionals or dual-degree holders is not the only answer that firms turn to. Stand-alone consulting firms are also approached with the idea of making an efficient structure. Firms are also focused in getting their staff certified in evidence-based design and getting them trained in the designing of healthcare architecture.

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Research, is one of the key elements to a successful healthcare design as the trends in this part of architecture keeps moving forward with technology.

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Some believe that having a medical professional with the firm is helpful in designing spaces that are as per the needs of the future users. They rely on the fact that the specialist in the field of medicine knows the needs and the spatial requirements of a healthcare facility, the best. Others believe that it is more important to have an expert who can speak the language of both the fields. This is based on their need to have a person who understands the constraints and the allowance of construction and the demands of the therapeutic center. Few others also depend on examining and analyzing the already existing designs – to understand the workings of a medical center.

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With that said, there must be a balance between all the methods to achieve a design that will satisfy all the members involved. Our society is evolving to consider all the data in hand, study them and then come up with a solution that is effective.

By:Aishwarya Pai

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