The Sound Pavilion | George Waldmuller, Christoph Huber

The Sound Pavilion

The creative addition of multiple identical units led to the creation of the Sound Pavilion. Located in Austria, the pavilion is constructed from a number of leaf-like planar units that are perfectly tailored to match one another. When joined together, the elements begin to bend forming a self supporting structure. The unique space of the pavilion can be used to host various activities. The beautiful shell protects visitors from the hot sun during the day while acting as a visually appealing light element during the night time. The Sound Pavilion is a very simple, yet very intricate installation that requires a great attention to the geometries and measurements of each individual unit. The structure embraces its visitors and allows for great gatherings and social activities to take place.

By:Ala’ Abuhasan

Project manager: Georg Waldmüller and Christoph Huber
Scientific support and project management: Ass.Prof. Dipl.Ing. Dr.techn. Günther H. Felt
Bonanza Festival
VR Research, University of Innsbruck
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