The Cloud | Richard Clarkson

Bringing the winter clouds into the interior spaces, Richard Clarkson designed an astonishing interactive audiovisual fixture called “The Cloud”. The Cloud imitates a thunder cloud; it generates lighting and produces a winter atmosphere within a space. The design is a very interactive and interesting one.

Consists of interactive cloud shape lights, motion sensors, microphones and a powerful speaker system, the cloud creates a very original atmosphere around it. When motion is detected by the sensors, then instructions are given to both lights and speaker system to operate in a way simulating an actual thunderstorm.

The Cloud is hung from the ceiling and the size of a single cloud is (71x36x33 cm), but it varies as the Cloud is handmade. The cost of a single Cloud also varies and may reach around US $3,300 for the smart Cloud. Smart Cloud usually comprises a remote control unit, colour changing lights, two speakers and motion detectors.

By:Ala’ Abuhasan
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