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Located in Çamlica hill, the new communication tower competition entry by RTA is a masterpiece that mixes sculpture and architecture in newly spirit. The new project is meant to replace dozens of irregular and ugly communications towers located on the Çamlıca Hill while also creating a symbol for contemporary Istanbul. More about the project comes after the jump.

We believe that the success of the idea goes through the way we understand “¨The site”. Our proposal comes in response to this wonderful and strategic point that has to raise up the Telecommunications Tower, the City of Istanbul plans to build.
The beauty of Istanbul, and this particular place is due, largely, to the environment, the landscape, the Bosphorus, the Marmara Sea, the Black sea, the Golden Horn, the nearby mountains… it´s the bridge between Europe and Aisa, cultures and continents come together here, in history this landscape has starred important moments .. Indeed, few cities enjoy more favorable natural conditions.The topography of mountains in the Asian side of Istanbul ends in the mountains of Çamlica, the gravitational center of Istanbul. Is the center of population density of more than 15 million, and that revolves around this center.

From the site, the view shows the city and the landscape with all those geographical features contained in the manuals: bays, islands, beaches, rivers, mountains. Through history, Istanbul is characterized by the respect for the geography in which it sits.
For this natural landscape not to be swallowed by the architecture, our proposal offers an end to the conquest of the buildings and artifacts here. That is why we should not build any kind of building, but an object that clearly reveals the natural attributes of the place. Our proposal is simple and in a natural way, as an element that does not belong to the city, but belongs to the landscape.

Maybe we’re talking about a minaret sculpted by the wind? Maybe we’re talking about a twenty-first century lighthouse? Maybe not. We leave the citizen freely to find the object identified.

Courtesy of RTA
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