Numen/For Use was established in 1988 as a collaborative effort of industrial designers Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljković. Their most recent endeavors are the spatial experiments collectively titled “Tape Project.” The organic forms engulf the spaces of their various installations in  Vienna, Frankfurt, Berlin, Belgrade and recently, Melbourne.

Arch2o-Tape Project-NumenFor Use (6)

Courtesy of Numen/For Use

The spaces evolved from a visual mapping of dancer movement, creating a frozen 3d representation of the choreography. The installations can be enjoyed from a distance or from within as the tape is surprisingly strong and capable of holding human weight. The nature of the project will likely inspire different reactions.

Arch2o-Tape Project-NumenFor Use (11)

Courtesy of Numen/For Use

The everyday material of transparent tape has been taken out of its convention and used as structure itself, where in past times it has acted as nothing more than a means of shoring up and closure. In some ways however, it does seem as though Spiderman was commissioned to create art installments with his spider-web all over the world.

 By Danya Hakky

Courtesy of Numen/For Use

  • disi sutra

    this “project” is NOTHING ! ! it is nonsense, no use, no FORuse, no nothing. waste of energy and material. false spirituality,…

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