Tanger University Hospital | Rafael de La-Hoz

Tanger University Hospital

Despite its relative distance from the city center, the site has undeniable qualities (Highway, RN1, proximity to the airport etc) and prime advantage as it is located in a changing area, given the variety of projects planned or in progress (Oncology Centre, New headquarters for TMSA, Hotels and Tourist Residences).

Courtesy Of Rafael De La Hoz

To consolidate its role as structuring public facility, the University Hospital is in harmony with the adjacent environment, while evoking a strong image, a silhouette that is visible from far away, especially from the exit of the Highway.

Courtesy Of Rafael De La Hoz

Despite the constraints of the site, the building was designed with an urban, compact and homogeneous shape with a linear and horizontal platform marked by two strong semi-circular volumes housing the hospitalization wards.

Courtesy Of Rafael De La Hoz

Project Info
Architects: Rafael de La-Hoz
Location: Tangier, Morocco
Client: Ministry of Health
Collaborating Architect: Cabinet Melehi
Size: 71,389m2
Type: Medical Center

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