Synthesis Design  Architecture Creates Data-Based Pattern for an Interior Wall at IBM Watson

In collaboration with IBM Watson Analytics, Synthesis Design + Architecture has designed an interior patterned wall for the Watson Experience Center in San Francisco, showcasing the use of data to create unique designs. The design project was named Data Moiré in reference to the effect created by the intersection of lines and gaps which form the patterns of the opaque perforated double wall, which stands as an advertising installation for IBM’s showroom.

Courtesy of Synthesis Design + Architecture

The data used to create the pattern was derived from “the influence of mobile phones on monthly consumer spending”. Then, it was used as the input for the parametric modeling process which generated the unique patterns. The patterns were CNC milled onto the two aluminum sheets of the featured wall. Between the two sheet of the wall is lit, highlighting the contrast between the solid and void and the intersection between both wall patterns. The wall itself takes a spiral form, allowing the visitors to become immersed in the pattern of abstracted data representation.

Courtesy of Synthesis Design + Architecture

“While the project is driven by data, the legibility of that data is abstract rather than literal,” explained the designers in a press release. “Rather than provide a statistical or analytical reading of the data, the project instead provides a spatial and atmospheric reading that enhances the experience of visitors to the center and encourages them to engage spatially.”

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