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Supermod is a modular wall system designed and fabricated by Sebastian Misiurek and Arianna Lebed, founders of Simplus Design. This highly functional piece has been produced during a residency of the design firm at Bold Machines, the Innovation Workshop at Stratasys. Bold Machines is a pioneering  practice working with 3D printing and the most advanced technology of the sector. It is made out of passionate, young individuals that believe in the impact of 3D printing on the way we will live in the future. Simplus Design’s modular wall system is both practical and visually attractive, by providing storage and space dividing solutions, but also acting as a delightful piece of furniture on its own.
This original wall is comprised by different sized modules, designed to house a wide variety of both every day and decorative objects like plants, books and spirits. The system is extremely flexible as the modules can be detached and reordered in order to fit every need and taste. Furthermore, it is designed to be also flexible in space, being able to stand on its own as a decorative piece, or act as a porous partition dividing and enhancing spaces. The modules have a touch of great detail on their exterior, which has been designed to reflect light and cast shadows that follow different angles and shapes.The detail design pattern are scaled down on the interior of the modules and light them up during both day and night. In fabricating the Supermod, 3D printed materials of various opacities have been used ranging from opaque to translucent, and this allows for light to penetrate the modular wall and produce glimmering effects that enhance the atmosphere of interior space.
Supermod is yet another example of the endless possibilities of 3D printing. 3D printing is not a new technology though and it should not be seen like this as the first 3D printed designs date some decades of years back. It has grown and developed to a point that today we have the technology and technical skill to produce nearly everything we wish for. A radical type of production that changes the way we think, work, design and live. Artists, architects, designers, and innovators have more choices and possibilities than ever today, but this is not always something positive. It is easy to get carried away by this advanced technology and its practical way of fabrication that we might end up stop designing and let the machine take over for us. 3D printing should be seen as just another type of comfort in our lives driven by our need for design, innovation and creative thinking. To finish, designers please be creative and aware. I believe in the future of 3D printing.
By: Andreas Leonidou
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