Super string | shin design works

Many people see an electric pole as nothing more than electric pole, other however, see an electric pole as an opportunity to create something dramatically new and fresh.

Courtesy of shindesignworks

We’ve seen nothing other than the traditional electric pylons since the dawn of moder civilization. For the “Landsnet High-Voltage Transmission Line Tower Design Competition” set in Iceland, shin design works  won second place for the innovative design. The architect explains:

“‘Super string’ is a new type of structure for the high-voltage electric transmission. Considering the extreme conditions of the Icelandic winter, this 27m high parabolic structure (hyperbolic paraboloid) will be prefabricated into pieces for easy transportation and construction.

Courtesy of shindesignworks

As compared with conventional tower designs this new design takes less space for the footing (only 2 points) and also need fewer components to construct. So it will significantly reduce construction time and efforts.

Once the foundation concrete piles are in place, then U shaped prefabricated hinged tube structure will be fixed on top of the foundation. 600mm diameter steel tube will be used for the entire structure with partial reinforcement at the ground with extended fin welded on steel tube. Upper parts of the loop are then inserted to the base structure and when the loop is completed it becomes stable by itself.”
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