Pablo Reinoso Spaghetti Benches are plain benches with a spaghetti twist! Didn’t you ever had the feeling that a bench is like an island? Cut from the surroundings it just stands. It’s just there. Apart. Pablo Reinoso gives life to the everyday normal benches. He makes them a part of the surroundings, he makes those benches go back to nature, gives them a family.


Courtesy of Pablo Reinoso

According to Pablo Reinoso official site , he used public benches, which are anonymously designed and travel across cultures with an out-of-time, old-fashioned quality, as a starting point for his reflections. Started in 2006, these new creations have multiplied and found homes in very diverse places.

Reinoso stages benches that, after having accomplished their task as furniture, revert into growing, climbing branches. This freedom is expressed in a movement that embraces architecture, wondering through places, exploring their nooks and crannies, and giving free rein to its whims.

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