Spaceport America | Foster and Partners

Spaceport America is absolutely fantastic. The Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space, commissioned by the New Mexico Spaceport Authority (NMSA) and designed by Foster and Partners, is just so cool! Especially the approach. If I were planning on going into space, driving up to this building would definitely get me rearing and ready to go.

Courtesy of Foster and Partners

Encompassing some 110,000 ft², with three floors, the spaceport America is home to a multitude of programmatic elements. There are support and administrative facilities for NMSA and Virgin Galactic, a hanger complete with support facilities, a training area, astronaut lounge, mission control, spacesuit dressing rooms, and a recovery/ revival lounge. Both the lounge and mission control look out over the site and command an impressive view across the building’s apron, the runway and the site’s striking surroundings. 

Courtesy of Foster and Partners

Now all we need are some cheap, (but not Ryanair) flights to space so we can all visit this great Spaceport America with a purpose!

Courtesy of  Foster and Partners
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