The talented photographer Christopher Herwig has travelled more than 30,000 km by car, bike, bus and taxi in 13 different countries across Europe exploring, recording & depicting these unforseen valuable treasures of modern art. From the coast lines of the Black Sea to the never ending Kazakh steppe, the bus stops represent the range of public art from the Soviet cycle and instead give an emerging flash-back into the ingenious minds of the time.

Arch2o-Soviet Bus Stops  Christopher Herwig  (9)

Courtesy of Christopher Herwig

“My fascination with visual images drove me to look for the extraordinary that would need to be captured” said Christopher Herwig. Herwig’s series attracted a significant amount of social mediaactivity worldwide and now with the 12 year project complete, the full collection will be presented in Soviet Bus Stops as an elegant, limited edition, hard cover photo book.

Arch2o-Soviet Bus Stops  Christopher Herwig  (7)

Courtesy of Christopher Herwig

 “it is more often found in the ordinary; the real life stories of ordinary people can touch an audience in their beauty and honesty, make them ask questions, or impel them to seek out more information”. said Christopher Herwig

By Depy Charalampidou

Courtesy of Christopher Herwig

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