It is refreshing to see lightheartedness in seriously progressive architecture. One mantra I have held for a while now is this: no one cares about the underside of a shoebox lid. I think this statement holds two messages. One, that ceilings are too often just that plane that gets put in on top of walls. And two, that many of the spaces in which we exist today can be likened to shoeboxes and as such, well they just don’t entice us to care enough to care about the ceiling.

The fourth London location of Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt, designed by Cinimod Studio strives to break from this box. Located in what had been an apple (real apples) store, dating back to the 1860’s, this past was inspiration for a contemporary design that is, in the words of the architect, ‘a surreal orchard of seating and twisting trees reaching up to an undulating canopy of light.’


Courtesy of Cinimod Studio

This ‘undulating canopy of light’ is undoubtedly the centerpiece of this surreal world of yogurt. Hundreds of stainless steel rods, each of its own specified length descend from a ceiling that itself is subtly offset from the walls. Each bespoke piece incorporates an individually controlled LED, which all act in unison to create a canopy that exists in a sort of photonic flux.

The space, which has- unsurprisingly- been likened to Alice in Wonderland, features a ‘white fallen tree branch’ which serves as the main seating; as well as Shitake Mushroom stools by Marcel Wanders, and white marble tabletops that draw relation to other Snog locations. Add these to the psychedelic wall art and it’s a wrap. Or yogurt.

Courtesy of Cinimod Studio

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