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The myth of Jeju Island in Gyorae-ri, Korea is about a deity called Seulmundae Halmang a tall and powerful woman said to create mountains with her bare hands and had 500 children. Her legend states that while she was making soup for her children she fell into the pot and died. This soup was then mistakenly eaten by her sons and turned them into 500 stones. This myth provided the inspiration for SAMOO’s Seulmundae Halmang Museum that incorporates the various history, culture, and myth of Jeju Island.

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Courtesy of SAMOO

The design is set around a major stone wall that forms the axis of the museum, acting as both an entrance and path to experience the journey of Jeju’s mythology. The wall links the various programs of the museum that include areas for permanent and planned exhibitions, multi-purpose rooms and support facilities. The openings incorporated into the wall also provide opportunities to see various sceneries as one travels along the wall.

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Courtesy of SAMOO

The outdoor spaces use water, stone, and greenery, amongst other things, to develop eight themed spaces to allow visitors the chance to study and experience the mythical formation of the island as well as get a better insight into the history and myth associated with the land. The Sky-Pond and Mother’s Garden are some of the outdoor spaces situated along the main wall of the museum.

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Courtesy of SAMOO

To keep a harmonic relationship with the island and the nature there, SAMOO’s design is geared towards sustainability and preserving the natural surroundings. In regards to sustainability solar path and win path CFD simulations were conducted to ensure minimal changes to the current environment once the building is constructed. Natural ventilation, green roofs, and a water collection system were also implemented into the design to reduce energy usage and reduce heat gain.

Architect: Samoo Architects & Engineers

 Courtesy of  SAMOO

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