Sejong Art Centre Winning Proposal | DMP Partners (designcamp moonpark) – Seunghong Park, Hokeun Oh

The winning proposal for the Sejong Art Centre by DMP Partners seeks to portray the mixture of nature and man-made through its forms. The curvaceous form depicts the former whiles the linearity is that of the man-made urban landscape.The centre located in the international cultural area sits between nature and the urban, hence the strength in the architects’ formal choice of communication.As a multi-performance art centre, there will be a main theatre with a capacity of 800 seats, a medium theatre of 300 seats, a film theatre of 250 seats and an art gallery.To reinforce their use of “scapes”, the architects categorized users’ interaction with the centre into 5.The “urban-plaza scape” located north of the centre comprises of a public arrival square and a cinema in the south area. These “scapes” provide for a magnificent view on the urban scape of the city.

Courtesy of DMP Partners

The second of the “scapes” the Architecture scape is the open space between the two blocks of theatre leading to the central park. This space permits visitors to hang around in between events or for small gatherings. The grand stairway, the grand hall and the main hall of the theatre are all included in this scape.The third theatre scape refers to the designs of the three dimensional wall to give best quality acoustics and aesthetics. The lighting and acoustics of high modern standards give visitors quality entertainment.The forth public/ground scape is the connection between the theatre and the waterside. The space is projected to be an important part of the city life. It’s supposed to be the culmination of a journey, which starts from the public square, the cinema through the history park and public space.The last civic-scape is the open-space of energy people can feel with the hall and two theatres acing the central park.

Courtesy of DMP Partners

Architects: DMP Partners (designcamp moonpark) – Seunghong Park, Hokeun Oh
Location: Naseong-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Project Architect: Seungchul Han, Sehwan Park
Project Manager: Jongin Park
Project Team: Hyekyung Ju, HanJin Yoon, Sungwoo Moon, Junghyuk Seo, Sanghwan Jung, Junghwa Lee, Seungheon Kim, Minkyung Kim, Jinho Kim
Acoustics: ad&c
Structural Engineer: I’ST
Mechanical Engineer: HIMEC
Electricity / Telecommunication: Jung Woo Eng.
Civil Engineer: Daekyo E&C
CG: 201 studio
Editorial Design: Godo Design
Architectural Model: Daerim
Total Floor Area: 15,360m2 (Gross)
Site Area: 43,493 m2
Date: December 2012 – March 2013 

By Hassan Mohammed Yakubu

Courtesy of DMP Partners (designcamp moonpark) – Seunghong Park, Hokeun Oh
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