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The Plot V, located in Northwest trapeze Billancourt occupies a pivotal position between the existing city and the future city.The Plot has a special status, it is at the crossroads of pedestrian landscaping It is located at the end of development of Zac and at the same time remains a very open space with multiple reports. Due to its strategic position, all the facades are seen as the main facades. The project is defined in the general urban design as a corner building (Avenue Emile Zola and Passage).

The wall of the building, its limit in relation to the public space is characterized by being hollow and Overflow. The hollow on two heights can lose the reference height of the classical level. We forget this linearity, frame slips and still more to the west. Our building “turns” from a marked and volumetric angle to a mixed space. The volume R+2 at the corner of the passage el Ouafi and Robert Doisneau begins scaling the heights in the heart of plot.

Courtesy of Agence Bernard Bühler

The identity of our heart island differs from adjoining dwellings. Our west side offers 70m visibility (to cult center). The location of the plot gives meaning to loggias projecting southwest oriented. Treatment “of the heart island” is a vibrant space with terraces, colored volumes, arranged randomly and playful way. This common area of heart island dialogue with the simplicity/exuberance, continuity/sequence, the linearity/punctuation. One allows the other to exist, each reinforces, strengthens. It is in this that is complementary harmony. A unit not by imitation but by correspondence.

The common garden, private space involved in the project. Access to housing for the large cross is common. The ground floor is raised 80cm from the street to put away the bedroom windows. Connection to public space is qualitative and neat. The access to housing process is an important element in the qualification of a housing project.
An attention is paid to the use value of housing: All units have a double or triple orientation. 24 of 29 apartments have a living room faces south west with a visual perspective of the landscaped spaces. For decks stay real outdoor spaces all homes have cupboards and pantry.

Courtesy of Agence Bernard Bühler

Project Info
Architects: Agence Bernard Bühler
Location:  Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Area: 2139.0 sqm
Consulting Structural Engineers: EGIS Sud-Ouest / Fredy Charrier (Paysagiste)
Energy Performance of Building: BBC / Chantier Propre / Certification H et E
Year: 2012
Type: Residential
Photographs: Vincent Monthiers
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