These screen printed places to sit, designed by the Japanese design studio YOY and presented at the Salone Satellite of Milan Design Week 2013, are brilliant innovations which at first garner disbelief. But scroll down and you’ll see that there’s no optical trick, the image not only appears to be a seat, it is one.

Arch2o-Screen-printed Seating-YOY (5)

Courtesy of YOY – Photographer yasuko furukawa

As the renter of a small apartment, one of the struggles I constantly contend with is having enough places for friends to sit when they visit, while still having places to walk and live when they’re not around. These chairs appear as simple screen-printed images and work when leaned against a wall.

Arch2o-Screen-printed Seating-YOY (4)

Courtesy of YOY – Photographer yasuko furukawa

Composed of a printed elastic ‘canvas’ which has been stretched over an aluminum frame they are simple seating with style. When one sits back on the ‘seat’ of the chair, a pocket is formed as the stretchy fabric gives way while offering ample support.  There are three sizes to be had: sofa, love seat and simple chair. When not in use, they can be hung on the wall, or left in place for that ‘nonchalant artist’s studio apartment’ look.

Courtesy of YOY – Photographer yasuko furukawa

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