Milan’s design week for the first time is held outside of Milan. In Dubai, Melogranoblu Company hits with an outstanding light installation in downtown.

Arch2o-Scenography Space  Melogranoblu  (3)

Courtesy of Melogranoblu

Melogranoblu known for its approach of giving atmosphere for the space. It works basically with creativity and breaking the borders taking your mind into the world of fantasy, getting free from the world of dull and boring functionality.

Arch2o-Scenography Space  Melogranoblu  (1)

Courtesy of Melogranoblu

Looking to the light installation designed by the company you’ll notice the impact it leaves on the space. The suspended structure with the blue, purple and white colors dissolves into the space like an inverted pyramid shape that seems to rest in its position giving visual balance. There’s another movement with shades of blue and white delivering another color-visual experience.

Melogranoblu began its activity in 1997 with Massimo Crema and Ermanno Rocchi .

By Rehab Ayman

Courtesy of Melogranoblu

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