Generally we expect mirrors to reflect our image and sculptures to silently provoke reflections and reactions. Daniel Rozin was not satisfied with these predetermined roles these objects played so he decided to spice it up a bit and combine the two functions into one. He created Robotic Mirrors currently on display at Bitforms.

Arch2o-Robotic Mirrors-Daniel Rozin  (4)

Courtesy of  Daniel Rozin

These mirrors seem to conform to preconceived roles as they hang their changing preprogrammed hypnotic patterns, until you approach them. The mirrors are aware of your presence and in response, 153 fans twist, turn and rearrange to mimic your movement. I haven’t personally seen it, but I hear it is quite the experience.

By Danya Hakky

Arch2o-Robotic Mirrors-Daniel Rozin  (6)

Courtesy of  Daniel Rozin

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