Rising shell | Robert Van Embricqs

Rising shell

The newest addition to the Robert van Embricqs Rising Collection is the Rising Shell. Following the same principle as the rising tables and chair, the shell is made from a flat piece of wood, cut into thin stripes following a certain pattern. The wood pieces are being held together by rubber bands, which are incorporated between two layers of wood, creating a nice contrast between the two, when the shell is raised, it allows the flat surface to change it’s shape into a three-dimensional piece. “Combining functionality with art” is the idea behind every piece Robert has designed. The Rising Shell provides a useful storage – a bowl for fruits or other items, when needed. In its original form it perfectly fits into a special niche cut into the table, and when it’s opened it“rises up like a budding flower”. The Dutch designer has a special manner of providing each of his designs with a minimalist approach and an elegant structure, making them irresistible. By Cristina Juc

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