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Reflektor Pavilion

Reflektor is a pavilion in an open space on the slope of the hill in Parc Cabiddu, in the town Wingles in the north of France. The pavilion marks an endpoint of the existing triangular gap in the birch forest around the lake. People can enter the pavilion at the front or through a small entrance from the walking path at the backside. After passing through the small passage, a conical shape opens up and forms an intimate inner space where mirrors offer views into the landscape. The brightly coloured artwork on the sloping floor is a place where you can enjoy the sun and the view, while lying down or sitting in the two chairs. The horn-like shape of the pavilion strengthens the vastness of the view.

photography by © Yves Bercez

The reflecting ceiling creates a wide view on the landscape and the lake from a bird’s eye perspective and shows the world upside down. From the lake and the land on the other side, the artwork on the floor creates a strong contrast with the birch tree forest, and form a surprising perspective and mind-blowing image. The reflective interior provides an out of space-like explosion of color. People inside the pavilion are projected several times in the walls and ceiling and become visible from afar. Reflektor creates a quiet place in the leisure park to experience the landscape in a different way, a place that offers reflection on the surroundings, a place to rest, get together and to see and be seen.

photography by © Yves Bercez

The pavilion gathers people in a small space to experience the vast landscape in an unexpected way. The pavilion is made of a douglas wooden structure on the outside of the pavilion. The inner walls and ceiling are made of exterior plywood and cladded with aluminium mirroring plates. The pavilion is fixed on a concrete base in the ground.


Project Info:
Architects: Atelier ARI
Location: Wingles, France
Photographs: Yves Bercez
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