Escama Studios merges “humble” materials with traditional design. Their products are conceived by designers in America and Brazil and created by members of a Brazilian cooperative. This unique handcrafted product line has been featured in fashion magazines like “Elle” and “O,” and they have gained a following in the fashion world. Everything about Escama Studios is creative and unique. What’s truly amazing is that it all began with recycled aluminum pull tabs.

Arch2O Recycled Pull-tabs Escama Studio-12

Escama Studios started in 2004. Since then, the company has sold 70,000 bags. All purses are designed with crochet in mind and created with recycled pull tabs. If you didn’t know their messenger bags and purses were assembled using discarded aluminum pull tabs, you would imagine they were crocheted with shiny metal threads.

Courtesy of Escama Studio


    I love what pull tabs do.if i want to recycle them where do i do it.i was told that they pay nice money if recycled.

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