Real Life Models | Flora Borsi

Abstract art is difficult to make, fun to see, and interesting to sit and muse over. Flora Borsi, a nineteen-year-old Hungarian photographer and an abstract enthusiast, takes contemplating abstract art to the next level with fascinating photo manipulation in her recent project Real Life Models.

Borsi looked at classic abstract paintings and posed the questions: “What must these artist’s muses have looked like? Where did the inspiration for these paintings come from? What if these abstract models were real people?” the result of this line of questioning were several hilariously distorted digital recreations of the skewed models from famous abstract paintings such as Woman With Green Hat by Picasso and Portrait of a Polish Woman by Modigliani.

Courtesy of Flora Borsi

The detail of these oddly proportioned models is stunning, down to the shading, age-lines, and clothing. It takes a great deal of imagination to take something undefined and contorted and make it realistic and human in such an entertaining way.

Real Life Models is similar to another interpretation of famous paintings by Eugenio Recuenco who interpreted some of Picasso’s paintings as modern day fashion models. Borsi’s surreal models and all of her previous work can be viewed on Behance and are available as prints on Saatchi Online.

These’s photos can also be seen on Colossal, Designcollector, Designboom, Facebook, and Inspiration Hut.
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