R+D Reaction & Diffusion is ro[BO]tech’s project for 2112Ai [Architectural Intelligence] – 100YC exhibition, the project was also shown at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition in Venezia. More details from the architect come after the jump.

Arch2O-RD Reaction Diffusion roBOtech-10
Courtesy of ro[BO]tech

The current society researches a users interconnection even more global and immediate. This is considerably influenced by economy: Kevin Kelly in 1998 in his essay “New rules for the new economy” introduced the concept of network economy in which each operator is connected with others. Information, glue of connections, needs to express and spatially define itself and Architecture must consider this need. Reaction-diffusion models, described in “The chemical basis of morphogenesis” by Alan Turing, generate a spatial organization based on two independent factors in competition. In the future we expect the statement of the Artificial Intelligence in which technology and organization are no longer separable from a performance standpoint, just think of supercomputers and projects associated with them.

Arch2O-RD Reaction Diffusion roBOtech-03


Courtesy of ro[BO]tech

Thinking about information connections as a similar structure to the neural network is probably the most suitable abstraction in this sense, so we’ve studied the neural modeling as a basis for the morphogenetic paradigm of the project for Maribor in 2112. The Fitzhugh-Nagumo model describes mathematically the process of activation/deactivation of the neuronal membrane and also appears in nature in the form of reaction-diffusion system with the peculiarity of generating patterns. This model, at different scales, thanks to its variety of behaviors, defines a possible future scenario of the center of the city of Maribor, keeping in mind the need to respond to the ever-increasing population of our planet.

Courtesy of ro[BO]tech

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