Railroad-Inspired Net Sculpture l Janet Echelman

Janet Echelman has completed her most recent aerial net sculpture in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. Made up of over 35 miles of technical twine woven into 242,800 knots, the sculptures adds a new ephemeral presence to the sky above the city’s new LeBauer Park. Entitled “Where We Met”.

The sculpture’s form and composition were inspired by Greensboro’s history as a railroad and textile hub. “When I was asked to give visual form to the history of Greensboro and the textile tradition of North Carolina, I began with research,” explains Janet Echelman. “I discovered that Greensboro was nicknamed the “Gateway City” because six railroad lines intersected there, and I started tracing the railway lines and marking the historic textile mills that dotted the routes.

These routes brought together people from diverse cultures and races, so I wove together lines of brilliant color that meet at the center, and titled it “Where We Met”.

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