Recycle V. Upcycle? Need there be a distinction? Recycling is necessary, there is no doubt about that. With landfills filled and great trash vortices in our oceans, throwing things out is patently wrong for more and more things as our technology and creativity progresses.

Arch2o Pulp Pendant Lamps  Folklore - 1

Courtesy of  Folklore

To upcycle could be described as not only breaking a material down for reuse, but the actual act of reusing it for something greater or as great but different. These rough, organic and uneven luminaries, called Pulp Pendant Lamps, created by Folklore design studio, are a prime example of just that. Composed of recycled, pulped newspaper paste, the material appears to have been plastered over a balloon of unknown contents (maybe water, or a set concrete for replicability- these are only guesses). The end result is a raw-feeling design that could find a home in almost any and every setting.

Courtesy of  Folklore

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